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The BazTOL portal contains record descriptions of Internet sources of science and technology created by editor-librarians.
To the description of BazTOL stores a format is applied Core Dublin (DC). In the BazTOL recode additionally opportunities are being used for the description of stores from outside the DC set, the part from them is visible for using the BazTOL Portal, part only for editors. A set of fields and subdomains and keywords are applied to the matter-of-fact description.

Record fields:

1. Title - title of the document, subtitle and additions to the title
2. Variant title - variation of the title proper
3. Resource Identifier (URL) - web address of the resource
4. Creator - an entity primarily responsible for making the content of the resource
5. Co-creator - individuals influencing the content of the document, but not being an authors
6. Publisher - an entity responsible for making the document available (examples of a publisher include a person, an organization, or a service)
7. Subject - the topic of the content of the resource
8. Keywords - matter-of-fact description of the source in the form of keywords
9. Description - short content description of the resource. Description may include: an abstract, table of contents
10. Type - the nature or genre of the content of the resource
11. Date - associated with the creation or availability of the resource
12. Format - the physical or digital manifestation of the resource
13. Language - a language of the intellectual content of the resource
14. Coverage - the extent or scope of the content of the resource. Coverage will typically include spatial location (a place name or geographic co-ordinates), temporal period (a period label, date, or date range) or jurisdiction (such as a named administrative entity)
15. Rights holder - information about rights held in and over the resource
16. ISSN/ISBN - ISSN and ISBN identifier