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BazTOL Portal - "Polish network stores from the scope of technical studies"

BazTOL is a field guide to network sources about the controlled quality (subject gateway).

Descriptions gathered in the portal (with up-to-date Internet addresses) are an Polish academic publications, databases, shop windows and placed online bulletins. BazTOL stores thematically are connected with technical theories and directed to the fields associated with the area of academic interests.

Stores of the portal are selected, judged and catalogued by librarians - of editors contributing to the base. Network sources chosen to the portal are professionally judged, described and catalogued according to the accepted list of criteria of the quality assessment and applying the standard of the description of network documents. Principles of the selection and evaluations of sources openly are determined.
Internet stores in BazTOL constantly are controlled, and their descriptions are subject to a regular update.

The access to the BazTOL portal is free of charge.

The aim of creating the BazTOL Portal

The service is a place starting, facilitating panes and the easy access to scattered network sources from the scope of technical theories about the appropriate quality.

He is allocated for: of researchers and academic and teaching, of teachers, research, design and development members of the teams, students and doctoral students, of librarians. Recommended for everyone interested in widely comprehended issues of the technique.

A BazTech Consortium is an owner and an author of the portal. Maintaining the portal is one of tasks performed by the consortium. Building the portal is being funded partially from public means.